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About Myself | B. Fiedler

Young, enthusiastic and looking for new challenges

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Born in August 1994 and raised in Chile, I began my education at the Swiss School of Santiago. This close relation to Switzerland made me take the decision of studying there. Even though my specialization at that moment was Biology and Chemistry, my passion for hospitality grew stronger by the day. 

I owe this passion to my great-grandfather who was a passionate hotelier. Coming all the way from Italy to work in the "Transandino", a train that united Argentina and Chile, specifically in the onboard restaurant, he soon began a career as a hotel manager. 

The many stories I was told as a child, made me realize that I too wanted to become a hotelier and create great memories for all of my guests. 

This dream made me realized that in order to achieve my goals, I had to come to Switzerland to learn from the best. After visiting different hotel management schools, I decided to go to EHL-SSTH in Graubünden. This decision was due to the small number of students, which made it easier to create long-lasting relations.

During my time in school, I had the chance to learn hotel operations from scratch. I decided to make internships in service, kitchen, front office (also in the night) and sales & marketing. Since I didn't get the chance to work in the housekeeping department, I decided to write my diploma paper about this interesting area of the hotel, specifically about cost control. 


My two last internships made me realize that my affinity for numbers was very useful in the areas of marketing and revenue. After discovering how much I love these, I decided to add Sales to it. This way I could not only understand where the revenue opportunities were but also actively seek new ones creating strong connections with customers. This area of work stills fascinates me today. Helping hotels achieve their targets by actively finding new ways to promote their product makes me want to go to work every day. 

I love to come up with new ideas and rapidly convert them into action plans and actual products. By doing this, I keep myself entertained and motivated at work. I like to pass this motivation and passion to my team by cheering them up and involving them in every step. Together we were able to come up with amazing campaigns that delivered huge returns. 

Free time / Hobbies

Work hard, play hard. Work is fun but enjoying free time is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress. 

In my free time, I love to be outside or meet friends. Since I was a kid, I've always loved to go hiking and biking. My family would take us on amazing trips throughout the southern cone of South America and we would discover the most beautiful places there. I had the luck to accompany my uncle to some unforgettable hikes in Patagonia. Here we would spend days in the middle of the Andes to get to the most beautiful places in the region. 


Here in Switzerland, I go to the mountains on a regular basis. I love being surrounded by them! Whether it is for skiing, hiking or biking, the fresh air always brings back memories from those amazing trips with my family. 

Cultivating friendship is another pillar in my life. I love to meet with people and to listen to their stories, Having an open mind has helped me to achieve my goals by learning from others.


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