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Multi-Channel Marketing

In today's modern world, a company needs to contact the guest through many different channels. Focusing on only print or digital is no longer an efficient way to captivate the customer's mind. In my line of work, I create campaigns that start the customer's journey through different channels such as, social media, print advertising, emailing, telemarketing, etc. and follow him/her through remarketing ads in social media and display campaigns. This way we ensure that the company is always present when the customer has made up his/her mind to buy the given product. 

Through this type of funneling one can ensure a high return and also imaging. It's all about being "top of mind" for the customer. 

On this page, you'll find some of the channels that I use. 


Social Media Marketing

Maintaining an audience active and increasing this in order to grow revenue, is extremely important in today's businesses. Through SMM I have created...



I manage different websites, build on five types of CMSs (Wordpress, Typo3, Jimdo, Wix & Weebly).

Keeping a website up to date can increase a business' revenue significantly. 


Using Business Intelligence tools, I have the ability to extract value out of sparse data sets. These tools enabled me and my superiors to reshape business processes more efficiently through automatization and programming.


Collateral Design

Adobe Suite was and still is my weapon of choice when it comes to print design. I'm constantly creating different flyers, triptychs, exhibitors, display stand, roll-ups, folders, posters, etc. 

I like being able to plan a campaign as well as executing it. 



Newsletters play an essential roll in the communication's industry. I've created several types of newsletters generating profits of  CHF 15'000+ for the hotels. Thanks to HTML/CSS I can improve the design and the functions of the letters.

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