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In order to actively improve the S&M strategy, it is imperative to have precise data.

In my line of work, I create reports that combine information from different sources and mix them into one easy dashboard that helps to understand where the revenue is coming from and where the company still has potential.

I usually work with excel and google analytics but I've also worked with VBA MySQL Workbench to extract and edit huge amounts of data. 

My goal is to read, analyze and process these huge amounts of information and deliver data simplicity. This way I help the directors in the decision making and strategy improvement. 

One of the programs I created helped the sales team from both Holiday Inns reducing their workload significantly and discovering, in a very easy way,  where their customers came from. We called this program "Lead Generator" and it's still being used by them. I've also created programs that help decide the rates and conditions of the companies. These provide an easy dashboard with all the important information based on booking data. 

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